We are a young company from Austria with an accomplished and engaged team that provides us with the necessary know-how and experience to find the right solution for each customer while guaranteeing a perfectly smooth construction process.

A global approach, combined with ensuring an optimum level of cost-effectiveness for each individual project and directly working together with our customers, is at the forefront of everything we do. In fact, we not only consider a number of possible solutions when drafting a project in order to find the best possible one, but we also provide comprehensive costing information in order to rule out any misunderstandings from the start. Or, to put it another way, we do everything possible to ensure absolute transparency when working with our customers.

Since slipforming and lifting work often go hand in hand, we use lifting systems manufactured by Enerpac, the world’s leading company in terms of lifting technology. This allows us to ensure that our customers will benefit from maximum safety and cost-effectiveness.

We will build a team of experienced workers that perfectly matches the needs and size of your specific project, and our staff will flawlessly prepare and perform your project with innovative work methods in direct consultation with you.